Gunky Guard is a multipurpose mat designed to protect you from your bumper and your bumper protected from you. Say good-bye to dirtied clothing and scuffed up bumpers. We are here to ease the use of your trunk and finally become gunk free!

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Fits into Cars, SUVs and Crossovers!

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“I love my Gunky Guard.  It is made of top notch materials and feels of high quality.  The Gunky Guard came with a Velcro strip but it sticks to my carpet perfectly without it.  I love how it protects the painted bumper when loading or unloading.  I also sit on it to put on my golf shoes and spare the bumper from possible scratches.   Being black also helps  to hide things in my hatchback type of trunk like my golf bag etc.  I just set it over things, it makes the trunk look empty when looking through the back window.  I wish I would have had one of these years ago.  It's a must have. ”

- Troy W. -

“Gunky Guard is so simple to install, it is just a peel and stick! I am an active grandmother and constantly using my SUV’s trunk for grocery trips, food deliveries to friends, garden supply stores and transporting the grandchildren. I love gardening, and with the ease of Gunky Guard, I do not have to worry about getting dirty from my trunk or scratching my vehicle. I have gained back my independence from always asking my family to rearrange their schedules to help me. Now I can simply surprise them with my fabulous garden and enjoy the fruits of my labour! Thank you, Gunky Guard!”

- Nelly A. -

Active Grandmother